Graziano Zorzetto

Z.F. was founded in Meledo di Sarego, in the province of Vicenza, from the idea of the owner Graziano Zorzetto along with his brother, who were able to develop their passion for carpentry into their own business.

The fundamentals of carpentry, learned in a company always in the sector, were the foundations of an innovative project in this production sector.

The characteristic that makes Z.F. unique, lies in production mechanism based on a cycle that completely takes place inside the factory: all the services, from the design, to the production, then the assembly and packaging, are carried out by the company.

Our history

Z.F. is founded

At the beginning the Meledo-based company only had a couple of employees. After a year it grew bigger and laid the foundation to become the great carpentry it is today.

Solid Edge

Z.F. was rewarded for being one of the first companies in the Veneto region to use innovative design software (solid edge).



The company is ISO 9001 certified.

New Meledo headquarters

The new 5000 sqm headquarters, always in Melodo (VI) was opened.


New Pozzolo branch

A new branch was opened in Pozzolo di Villaga (Vi).


The Meledo warehouse was expanded.


Machine fleet

Machine fleet expansion with the addition of 3 new technologies and the replacement of 2 machines.

innovative machinery

A continuously evolving company in search of cutting-edge technologies:
every 1/2 years, Z.F. invests 1 Million Euros to buy innovative machinery.

University of Padua

Believing in progress has always been a way for it to renew itself, hence also the possibility to collaborate with the Engineering Faculty of the University of Padua.

A path also dedicated to cooperating with well-known names in fashion, airlines and business in the luxury real estate sector with the most varied requests for installations, interior design and various metal components.

The company has been producing and distributing in countries worldwide, including America, Brazil, Nigeria and Senegal for over ten years.

The Company, open to any request and in search of continuous innovation, is suitable to meet any type and quantity of operations that the commercial need requires:
the versatility of Z.F. is in its willingness to adapt even to large quantities of production, maintaining unique quality, meticulous precision in processing and ensuring fast delivery times and competitive prices.

producing and distributing in countries worldwide
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Years of activity

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